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{behind the lens}

At Faust Photography we pride ourselves on being unique. We're a hubby/wife duo (married 17 years) - we do every shoot together. Which means: double the experience, photos, poses, perspectives. You get the best of both worlds~!

Missy is "the creative one" - Tim is "the technical one" (which makes us an awesome team). We are fun, professional but not stuffy. We are well liked with a good reputation - check out our FB page to see our 2.5k likes!

{Our Style - We do them all!}

{Traditional - classic} It never gets out dated and will make ALL generations happy to have a timeless classic photo.

{Contemporary - modern} This is a mix of fun, unique, anything goes poses. Its a way to let loose and show your spontaneity.

{Candid - documentary} This is where you get the WOW factor from a photo you didn't know was even being taken. Some of the best shots are always "candid" from the 1st kiss to the crazy - fun reception photos.

{Artistic - creative} This is where we take a modern photo and add some creativity to it with editing *note: you always receive the original photo*.

Life is like a camera so face it with a smile~! :)

{Our 1st dance song - 16 yrs ago}

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